In the midst of these trying times, we understand that now more than ever, it's a priority for our residential community to increase safety protocols and stay COVID-19 free. As we work with the county while following proper state leadership, we found that the ability to safeguard and protect the health of our residents and community will only get stronger. Here you will find a list of precautions and protocols that have been established for the well-being of residents in our care.

Timber Ridge & Vine Ridge COVID -19 Leadership in Place

Our communities Timber Ridge and Vine Ridge, have put strict safety protocols in place while also teaming with task forces aiding in the preparation, planning, and avoidance of exposure to the COVID-19 disease. These implementations also include the assurance of all individual teams to be available to policies, procedures, and supplies; while also creating useful and relevant resources, updating statistics regularly, and applying for any extra support our teams may need.

We also take a multitude of sources into consideration when it comes to updates and guidelines surrounding the prevention of COVID -19 exposure such as; the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS), along with other expert sources.

Emergency and Quarantine Protocols Updated

Understandably, the greatest care of your loved one will require up to date healthcare procedures. This is why we've updated our emergency and quarantine protocols. Through this, the safety and overall quality of health will be improved and enhanced for all residents in the community.

Educating Our Team on Appropriate Infection measures

Even after implementing all of our new protocols and procedures, we understand that there is always a chance for things to take an unexpected turn. This is why we've taken the initiative to educate our team and staff members on how to properly take measures if an infection was to arise. Pushing the priority of health and safety of our residents above everything else.

Screening all Traveling Members Before Entering Our Community

As our members may move around and travel, it's vital for us to ensure that they do not also become carriers that could potentially pose unintentional harm to our community. This is why we've imposed screening measures for all team members before being allowed access into our communities. With this being established, it will work to provide an extra layer of protection which will allow our members to safely aid and care for the health and comfort of our residents.

Directing all Team Members to Self-Isolate if They are Sick

Along with screening measures taken to protect our residents and community, we also hinder the same care and advice for team members if they are to fall ill. As we will monitor and advise them to stay home to decrease the amount of potential spreading, directing them to do as such will not only ensure to see steady recovery in their health, but it will also result in the protection and assurance of safety for our community and it's residents.

All Visitors are Prohibited Unless Considered Essential

During these trying times, it's crucial that we protect our residents and your loved ones from any factors or outliers that may jeopardize their safety. All visitors will not be allowed access to the community unless they are considered essential workers to aid in the providing of help and care. This will work to keep all of our members healthy among these times of uncertainty,

All Infection Control Policies and Procedures Are Active

As a number of more updates and changes are to come to our attention that can better aid our residents, we will make sure to implement them as soon as possible to prevent as many holes that could be in the way. All infection control policies along with noted procedures have been applied and activated in our residential community.

Activities and Dining Have Adapted to Social-Distancing Protocols

While we are in this era of social distancing, we find it beneficial to adjust the way of living such as leisure activities and dining situations to better suit the social distancing protocols established nationwide. Although our other precautions can be seen as strictly put in action to prevent COVID-19, implementing social distancing protocols have actually been linked to prevention success over multiple illnesses that may not be as relevant at this time; however, it remains just as relevant with regard to safety.

Centralized all COVID-19 Educational Materials to Ensure Clear Direction

To ensure no directions become unclear and can be followed and fulfilled correctly and fully, we've centralized all of our COVID-19 educational material to reach our family community. As this has been spread and enacted thoroughly, all locations will be providing quality care with thorough knowledge of up to date safety protocols to better care for all of our residents with the highest order of expertise.

Hand-Washing and Sanitizing Stations With Clear Directions

For the benefit of residents and team members, we've also established sanitizing stations to successfully help remove germs and bacteria. As germs can be contracted in a numerous amount of ways (many of which without even knowing), it's important to have implemented these stations paired with clear directions so the user can successfully remove bacteria from themselves. This won't only help in the prevention of disease but also the well-being of our community as a whole.

Community Weekly Calls with Clinical Consultants

With certain difficulties arising with the leaving and returning of our communities now, we understand it's crucial to still be able to meet with and discuss health factors with clinical consultants to ensure residents are receiving the help and aid of which they need. We've implemented community weekly calls with clinical consultants to cover this, During this segment, clinical consultants will be able to reach out to every resident and discuss health as that stays our number one priority. To find out more about our values and our communities, please visit us here.