Prevention & Protection

With strict safety protocols in place we are still able to move in new residents.

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Safeguarding our residents and staff from exposure to COVID-19, or the Coronavirus is our number one goal. We understand there is a lot of concern right now.

We are consulting with a task force to aid us in our preparation, readiness, communication, and prevention of exposure to the COVID-19 outbreak. This includes ensuring our teams have access to applicable policies, procedures, and supplies; developing related resources; communicating regular updates, and any additional support our teams require. We are also relying on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), Humboldt County Public Health (DHPH), and other expert sources for continual updates and guidelines for the prevention of COVID-19 exposure.

We wanted to share with you a few of the action items already in place for our community:

  • Timber Ridge & Vine Ridge COVID-19 Leadership in place
  • Emergency and quarantine protocols are updated with the newest information
  • Educating our team on appropriate infection measures for COVID-19
  • Directing any team member to self-isolate if they are sick
  • All Visitors must provide Vaccination Record or a negative Covid-19 test result
  • All infection control policies and procedures are actively practiced daily
  • Staff are assessed for symptoms upon entering our facilities
  • Activities and dining have adapted to social-distancing protocols
  • Centralized location for all COVID-19 educational materials to ensure clear direction
  • Hand-washing and sanitizing stations with clear directions
  • Community weekly calls with clinical consultants

All the best,

Larona Farnum, Chief Operating Officer

Daniel J. Johnson, Chief Executive

What is Timber Ridge's Plan for Testing?

Timber Ridge Eureka and McKinleyville has begun testing on-site for all employees regardless of symptoms on Monday, June 22nd and Monday, June 29th as an important safeguarding and monitoring practice for our Timber Ridge community of residents and staff. We will continue this practice monthly.

What is different about "on-site" testing?

As a result of Timber Ridge working closely with Humboldt County Emergency Operations Center and the testing task force of California we are able to bring an efficient mobile testing directly to our sites. By removing the need for anyone to leave our community, and exposing themselves to potential exposure, we are effectively able to provide this resource while preventing further spread.

Why is testing important?

We believe that an important way to protect our community is to have a clear understanding of who has COVID-19 so that we can activate our internal protocols and isolation plans for any individual and the associates or community members they have come into contact with. This comprehensive testing program at Timber Ridge is to help provide a better opportunity to contain the virus and prevent further spread.

What precautions are in place to safeguard the community?

We have strict protocols in place that mitigate any potential exposure including screening of our team and any essential visitors daily, updated contagious disease policies protocols to reflect our understanding of how COVID-19 spreads; which includes universal facial masking, hand washing, social distancing, disinfection of surfaces, and quarantining of any resident who is required to leave the facility. Because COVID-19 is challenging to detect early, we believe the best tools are through symptom screening processes and essential self-isolation of our residents or staff upon any potential exposure.