Our on-site community vaccination clinics hosted by our community and CVS Health enabled our residents to receive the vaccination with a participation of about 90 percent. Since the pandemic onset, protecting our community from the Covid 19 virus remains a high priority.

Therefore, the recent developments, the advanced cleaning protocols, and strict measures to curb the spread of the pandemic mean we are looking forward to and ready to start a new recovery phase.

Our Doors Are Open For Tours To Our Community

The new vaccination program has ensured that we are now ready for a fresh start and the next phase of growing our community. Our doors are now open to receive guests who would love to tour our community with a view of moving in their senior loved ones.

If you feel it's time to check out our community for yourself before you make an informed decision, then we are here to help. At Timber Ridge Care, we offer a comprehensive tour with a strong emphasis on the health and safety of our residents and the entire community.

Depending on your preference and schedule, we happily invite you to arrange a visit with us at your convenience. We offer both virtual and in-person visits, all of which are subject to state and local guidelines.

Whether you choose a virtual or in-person tour, you'll have access to our dedicated and knowledgeable associates. They will give you an overview of our community, how we operate, and answer whatever questions you might have.

Things To Consider Before Touring The Timber Ridge Care Community

Now that our community is open to receive you and your senior loved ones, we are eager to take you through the actual lifestyle our residents enjoy here.

To schedule a tour of your future community, you can give us a call or send us an email inquiry. Our community will help you make a reservation for your personalized time. They will also share updates on the latest developments in terms of health and safety protocols.

They will also answer any further questions you might have about the community. When you come for the in-person visit, we will request you to comply with the required basic health and safety guidelines such as:

  • Wearing a face mask
  • Social distancing
  • Receiving covid 19 screening

You will not be required to be vaccinated to take a tour of our community. However, visitors or residents aged 75 and above must undergo a vaccination as per the CDC guidelines.

If you need further information concerning the vaccination guidelines, you can consult with our community associate for guidance. At Timber Ridge Care, almost 90% of our residents have been fully vaccinated at our on-site clinics conducted by CVS Health

Moving into Your Timber Ridge Care Senior Residents Community

Upon completing your tour, and you decide that our community is an ideal place you can turn into a home, we'll be more than happy to have you as one of us. It would be a pleasure to have you onboard and to serve you.

Our community team of dedicated staff will assist you with the logistics and move-in processes. However, since we have completed the vaccination program, here's an idea of what you should expect when you move into our community.

Residents are not required to undergo testing or isolation upon moving in except in special circumstances. If you have had any direct exposure to covid 19, we'll require that you move into your new apartment and quarantine for 10 days.

However, some state and local guidelines require that all new residents undergo mandatory testing or a period of isolation before they interact with the wider community. To safeguard the health and safety of all our residents and the community, we will comply with these regulations as we receive our new residents at Timber Ridge Care. We request that all new residents comply with all the guidelines put in place by the state, CDC, and CVS.

Checklist For Moving a Senior Loved One To Assisted Living Community

When it is finally time to move your loved one to our community, the following checklist might help you make a smooth transition:

  • Be realistic: Unless you are moving under special circumstances or amid a crisis, let the process be realistic and less hectic. Allow your loved ones to make the transition at their comfortable pace. This will reduce anxiety and overwhelming emotions. It will also allow them time to reminisce about the years they spent in that home.
  • Preserve the most treasured possessions: Identify those possessions your loved one cherishes the most and pack them in a special box to take with them.
  • Create a layout for the new home: Once you've picked the ideal apartment for your loved one in our community, we can provide you with a copy of the floor plan to help you create the right layout for the new home.
  • Be involved in the community: Moving to a new community is an emotional experience that is never easy. For a smooth transition, encourage your loved one to get involved with our community social events and interact with our residents before moving in. The new interactions and friendships formed can make the transition much easier.

On Vaccination

We do not require new residents to receive the vaccination to be part of our community. Instead, we recommend that the vaccination for Covid 19 remain a personal choice. However, we are diligently working together with our health partners to promote a widespread culture of Covid 19 vaccination.

If you have not been vaccinated yet, we recommend that you talk to your doctor for guidance on the best choice to make depending on your present health conditions. If you need further information on health and vaccination, you can talk to our Health and Wellness Director for assistance.

A word From Timber Ridge Care Community

At Timber Ridge Care Community, we offer more than comfort, safety, and security. We strive to provide a living environment full of joy, warmth, and friendship. Schedule a tour with us today and get a taste of what we have in store for your loved one.