Senior living is one of the best solutions for an aging loved one who needs just a bit more assistance throughout the day and night.

9 FAQs: Benefits of Senior Living During the Covid-19 Crisis

During these unprecedented times, society and the way we interact with one another has changed as a whole. However, the age group that has really been hit the hardest is the senior community. With social distancing one of the greatest prevention techniques to decrease one's chance of catching COVID-19, most people worry about being socially isolated.

The greatest concern is for safety, mental and physical health, as well as their need for daily social interaction. Senior living is one of the best solutions for an aging loved one who needs just a bit more assistance throughout the day and night.

Frequently Asked Questions by Family and Seniors

Q. I planned to move into a senior living community and now I'm concerned whether I'm making the right decision because of COVID-19. What do you think?

A. Most likely there will be a short quarantine period when you first move in. However, since the community is following strict safety protocols that have been recommended by the CDC, WHO, and our local health departments, your family will be able to visit soon. The best part is your new "family" will be looking out for you, your safety, and your best interest. Most residents who feared being lonely, just like you do, found their new friends and neighbors kept them too busy to think about being lonely.

Q. Are family members allowed to visit senior family members daily?

A. Right now, our main goal is to keep your senior loved ones and staff safe. We are only allowing essential visitors at the time. You do understand it is important right now to keep exposure and risks to all our senior family members as low as possible.

Q. Will the dining room still be serving meals to residents during the pandemic?

A. Yes. The dining room is definitely open. All residents are still receiving meals. The kitchen staff are following state-mandated guidelines, including limiting the number of people allowed in the dining room to allow for proper social distancing. However, the seating and layout might have just changed a bit.

Q. What changes have the residential administration put in place to protect me and other residents living in the community?

A. To ensure the safety of all residents and staff members the facility has added hand-washing and sanitizing stations with clear directions. These stations are set up to help remove germs and bacteria. We believe this will help in the prevention of the disease and help keep the community safe as a whole. We also have strict rules and guidelines in place recommended by the CDC and the local health department.

Q. I thought moving closer to my peers would be a lot of fun and my time filled with activities and people to talk to. Will COVID-19 prevent all interaction with my peers?

A. No. You have nothing to worry about, there are still so many exciting and fun activities going on in the communities right now. The fun doesn't stop! All staff and residents are busy adapting to the "new way of doing things," and working to come up with fun, exciting, and creative way to make sure everyone is constantly laughing, having a good time, and connecting with one another.

Q. Will I be able to get exercise and engage with others while doing so?

A. Yes. We encourage all residents to get as much exercise as they feel they need. There are trained staff members to oversee all the activities and programs seniors are engaging in throughout the day. As for our social activities, we are managing it with creative room use, scheduling, limited space, and the wonderful help of our enthused residents. We look forward to seeing everyone participating, although some may be done at different intervals.

Q. I'm afraid. Will residing in a closely shared community make me more susceptible to catching the virus?

A. Unfortunately, no matter where you are right now, there are risks with any human interaction. Yes, that is true. However, what you may not know, right now, senior communities the strictest standards set up to manage COVID-19 spread. These protocols are a lot higher than shops, businesses, and restaurants in most states. Residents often express how safe they feel knowing they have community leaders and staff who are always looking out for them.

Q. Can my family member get daily updates on my health if I am sick?

A. Yes, we know how much you mean to us, so we know your loved one wants to immediately if you should fall ill. Our community nurses will reach out to your family member in the event you become sick with any type of illness.

Q. I just feel safer at home, even though I live by myself. On occasion, I still see a select group of family and friends online. Are there any concerns about seniors isolated alone?

A. Mental health concerns are growing among seniors, singles, and those who have no in-person contact with others. There is no substitute for seeing people face-to-face. People feel more connected when having that type of connection with others. Within the senior living community, there are neighbors next door, staff who regularly checks in, and family and friends who can visit online as well. Many seniors are understandably feeling stressed right now. Remember, it is important to take care of your mental health and be able to recognize when you need assistance.

Seniors who choose to engage and socialize with others inside the community are encouraged to do it safely to protect themselves, friends, and neighbors within the community. If medical attention is needed, there are trained medical professionals to oversee the medical safety of residents and staff. Family members are encouraged to keep in contact with their senior loved ones by calling, through Face Time, and keeping in contact online.

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