A caregiver bumping elbows with a senior patient.

As the impact of coronavirus continues to rise, society and the way we relate with one another has changed entirely. Keeping social distances, staying at home, and keeping away from crowded areas has not been easy, especially for the seniors who are at a higher risk of contracting the virus and at the same time need someone to look after them. While moving into assisted living amid the global pandemic could be a challenging decision, now might be the best time to make that move. Not only does it guarantee your elderly loved one's safety, but it also comes with a wide range of benefits.

Benefits of Moving to a Senior Living Community

1. The Aptitude to Control Their Environment

When in a senior living community, your loved one is able to control everyone and everything around them. Every visitor, as well as all the staff, are thoroughly screened before they check in. It is also easy for your loved one to adapt to all the safety guidelines as they are frequently briefed on the protocols to be followed and the required training, they need to survive the virus.

Every quality senior living community has adopted testing, screening, and contact tracing for visitors, staff members, and residents. You, therefore, will have nothing to fear and worry about your loved one's safety when they move into an assisted living community.

2. Safer Socialization

Well-managed senior living communities are now offering safer socialization than anywhere else. New communal practices such as small group gatherings, scheduled dining, and frequent sanitation to cope with the 'new normal' offer your loved one as well as yourself a sizable amount of confidence.

Communities have also come up with virtual interactive programming, including lectures, discussions, book clubs, spiritual studies, and much more. The staff can easily facilitate the introduction to activities and people that match your loved one's individual interests. This allows them to contribute and be part of the community.

3. Absolute Hygiene

Thorough cleaning and disinfecting the home of your loved one can be quite tiring and challenging. On the contrary, assisted living communities hire qualified personnel to thoroughly clean and disinfect the suites and common spaces as a way of doing away with the virus, which hinders further spread.

Quality communities institute measures even beyond the health and government guidelines to ensure that their residents are kept out of harm's way. Seniors are also encouraged to continually keep sanitizing and washing their hands as frequently and correctly as they should. These measures make a community better and safer for your loved one than when held at home.

4. Access to Quality Meals

The majority of the senior people mostly depend on restaurant foods since they can't prepare food for themselves. Even when you are taking care of them as their child or a close family, preparing meals, going to the grocery, and dedicating enough time to cater to your needs can be quite overwhelming.

Assisted living communities give your loved one access to quality and nutritious meals every day. Additionally, in communities, you are relieved of the stress of having to visit grocery stores and restaurants to get food since they have all that under control. The staff is always there for your loved one, which significantly reduces the risk of infection.

5. Quick Access to Professional Medical Personnel

Due to their aging, seniors are frequently at risk of developing medical complications. Fortunately, senior living communities offer on-site primary care, prescription refills, medical management, and other specialty services such as physical therapy.

These medical personnel are well-trained on extensive measures to boost your loved one's immunity as well as prevent any spread of illnesses. When your loved one is in an assisted living community, you rest assured that they are receiving an extra layer of reassurance and protection, especially during this pandemic.

6. Access to a Wealth of Activities to Engage In

Well-established communities are continually adapting to a new way of doing things. Therefore, they keep working to come up with exciting, fun, and creative ways to hinder their residents from becoming loners. They always want to ensure that everyone is constantly having a good time, laughing, and bonding well with one another.

Such activities include brain games and constant exercising. Exercising helps your loved one to keep fit, which in turn boosts their total body immunity. In order to adhere to Covid-19 social distancing rules, the fitness instructors, community life, resident service managers, and chaplains have also endorsed virtual programming to keep the activities still relevant and active.

7. Improved Relationship With Loved Ones

When seniors live at home, they are always dependent on their children or close relatives to care for them. Especially now that seniors are required to observe stay-at-home rules, the role of caring for them can strain relationships and foster feelings of resentment to both parties. When living in an assisted living community, you get relieved of full-time caregiving roles, helping you have more quality time to spend with your elderly loved one.

Conclusively, assisted living communities are way better than homes since they make sure that your loved one is safe, receives quality medical care, supplies, better nutrition, among many other benefits.

Why Timber Ridge?

At Timber Ridge assisted living community, we pride ourselves on the security, safety, comfort, and companionship of your loved one. Our community is perfectly set up for you or your loved one's social needs; activities, care if needed, friends, meals, and much more! We have put in place all the necessary protocols such as social distancing, hand washing, disinfection of places, quarantining any resident who is required to leave the facility, and facial masking to mitigate any potential exposure to the virus.

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Assisted Living's are always set up for a community, but now more than ever, it is better and crucial to be surrounded by caring caretakers and friends rather than being at home alone. To learn more about our vibrant community, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today for an opportunity to receive reliable, affordable, and world-class care.